Obesa Cantavit, Music Live and the Great Scottish Clarinet Caper

Many in the past have doubted our sanity so this year we are setting out to prove them entirely justified in their doubts as at the end of May we rush though central Scotland to play in 26 venues in only 4 days - all in a good cause of course.

great scottish clarinet caperThe Great Scottish Clarinet Caper found us blowing our hearts out during this BBC Music Live in an attempt to raise money for Riding for the Disabled.

The concept was simple, over the 4 days of the Caper appearing throughout Central Scotland in as many locations as possible, the only restriction being that each venue must start with a different letter of the alphabet. For each letter of the alphabet gained our sponsors donated some money to Riding for the Disabled, what could be easier? - An alphabet without the letter X in it might have helped :-)

As if the playing wasn't enough throughout the weekend we will also be uploading photographs to the website as we drive between venues (technology permitting :-) Why not log on during May 26-29 to follow our progress - messages of encouragement will also be gratefully received so why not drop us a line.


Well we did it... 4 days, 26 venues and over 700 miles. We're still collecting our pledges so we hope to be able to announce our grand charity total soon.

To see just where we were why not have a look at our venues and appearances.

Such a madcap venture just had to photographed so why not check out our Photogalleries or click on the pic below to see the video

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